Evaluation report and conference summary

Written oktober 11, 2013
By Hilary L. Karlson
The evaluation report and the conference summary are now available
Lolland’s 2nd International Algae Conference was organized within the Algae Innovation Center project by Green Center on the 10th and 11th June 2013 in Maribo, Denmark. At the 2 day conference 41 participants from 7 countries shared their expertise, knowledge and opinions regarding the developments within the algae technology field and shared their expectations regarding environmental benefits, algae bio-refineries, commercial use of public infrastructures (PPP), sustainable production strategies as well as the status of algae research and technology in relation to policy analysis and commercial business plans. The conference summary (in English only) can be downloaded “here”.

With an offset in these discussions and based on the performance and findings of the Algae Innovation Center project, Dr. Andrea Bassi, CEO KnowlEdge Srl, has written a 30-page Project Evaluation Report “A Systematic Approach for the Successful Integration of Algae in our Future Society and Economy” which can be downloaded in English “here”. The paper describes the state of the art, potentials, challenges and recommendations for a successful continuation of algae technology research and development in Denmark.