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As an innovation center, we value the time you researchers are taking to read and get involved in any of the activities and research projects at the Algae Innovation Center. We definitely want to expand our collaboration network in Europe and worldwide and we thereby would like to hear from you, should you consider the Algae Innovation Center an interesting partner for future research programmes.

This section is exactly for you, who is everyday involved or simply has a stake in algae research and demonstration activities. The quantity of information we could have included in this section is quite wide, but time is of the essence and thus we have made it simpler. While you can always refer to our Algae Intelligence) for getting priceless information about algae studies and technologies from different sources, this section wants to be an access portal to the research activities performed at the Algae Innovation Center. Not only we would like to communicate our research goals and areas (Key research areas), but we would also inform about the status of research and intermediate results (Men at work), so as to have a basis for exchange of algae research methods, practices and information with other universities, research organisations or similar entities. Reports, studies or other analysis coming out of our algae research will be disseminated and will so represent remarkable discussion material for the Algae Forum.

If collaboration is what you are looking for, in the Stay Connected section you will get the opportunity to browse information from our research network and post your own about success algae stories in Denmark and worldwide, new positions on the market, the most recent conference and workshop activities organised by some of our partners and much more.